Monday, February 23, 2015

Fun with Modes

Here are some helps to understanding modes and being able to hear and identify them:

David's video explanation of the modes (about 8 minutes)

Terence Hansen demonstrates modes on his double neck guitar (about 8 minutes)

This jazz based intro to modes may also be helpful (about 13 minutes)
(note, though, that he says "church modes" when he means "modern modes." Church modes are different.)

And the Modal Cycle (3 songs about modes):

Ms. Mixolydian and Dorian song

The Phrygian Song

The Locrian Song

For more (written) information about modern modes, Wikipedia has a fairly in-depth review that is (at the moment, anyway) quite accurate, and perhaps a bit redundant. Worth reading if you're still not clear on things:

Wikipedia on Modern Modes

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