Aural Skills Songs

Here are some songs I wrote to help you with your ear training...

(Or go straight to my most current playlist of ear training songs on YouTube)

On Solfege and Intervals:

The Silly Solfege Song:

The Sultry Solfege Song:

The Intervals in Inversion Song:

The Major-Minor Third Song:

The Ascending Fourth Song: (Or, how to hear fourths in other contexts.)

Third Away (Solfege Strategy Song):

On Harmony:

Sol-Ti-Re-Fa The Dominant 7 Song:

The Nondominant Sevenths Song:

The Secondary Dominants Song:

The Second Inversions (6-4 chords) Song:

The International Chords Song (French, German and Neapolitan):

The Five Days of Harmony (Christmas Ear Training Song):

The Modal Cycle:

Ms. Mixolydian and Dorian go Drinking:

The Phrygian Song:

The Locrian Song:

Two more that I don't have screencaps for yet:
The Seven Diminished Seventh Song
The Chord Spelling Song

And a few more that I didn't write, but might prove helpful:

Ut Queant Laxis, the original solfege song:

Django Bates' Interval Song:

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  1. Hello David,

    is it possible to obtain some sheet music for your ear training songs?